6 Practical Ways You Can Help Create Change

6 Practical Ways You Can Help Create Change

Here are some practical ways you can help create change for our environment.

1. Get educated

Learn from credible sources of information about the current state of our environment. Ask questions and get informed by people and publications that will help you make informed personal decisions.

2. Reduce your personal carbon footprint

Print less; car share, bike, or take transit; reduce or eliminate your use of disposable plastics; fly less; compost your kitchen scraps.

3. Recycle correctly

Check out this alive article for tips on how to make your recycling efforts more effective.

4. Minimize your intake of meat and dairy

If you eat meat, try cutting down, and increase the number of plant-based meals you eat.

5. Buy organic

Reduce the amount of toxic pesticides in the environment by buying organic whenever possible; grow your own organic garden.

6. Get involved

Volunteer your time or donate to organizations that are fighting for change, such as Ecojustice.

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